Welcome - Aviation Working Group (AWG) is a not-for-profit legal entity comprised of major aviation manufacturers, leasing companies and financial institutions. It contribute to the development of policies, laws, and regulations that facilitate advanced international aviation financing and leasing.
Our Projects:
Recent Developments:
AWG submits a major study to the Basel Committee providing data supporting the position to retain internal modelling for regulatory capital on aircraft-backed loans.
CTC academic project issues annotation to the Official Commentary (annotation 4) on remedies on insolvency.
Transaero sends letter dated 18 February 2016 to AWG and its CTC creditors notifying of its intent to comply with Alternative A of article XI of the Aircraft Protocol (remedies on insolvency).
Denmark, Sweden and Spain ratify the Cape Town Convention, the first two making the OECD's 'qualifying declarations'.
AWG submits comments on Basel Committee second consultative document (regarding standards / revisions to the standardised approach for credit risk).
AWG submits a study to the OECD prepared by its independent technical expert comparing the 2011 Aircraft Sector Understanding and current market pricing [2015].
Announcing the release of the latest version of the Practitioner’s Guide to the Cape Town Convention and its Aircraft Protocol prepared by the AWG legal advisory panel.
AWG releases model implementing IDERA regulation
AWG welcomes an important first case in respect of the Cape Town Convention, wherein the Indian High Court endorses the treaty.
AWG releases templates for incident / accident clearance statements in respect of aircraft and engines. These templates, together with the guidelines for their use, are designed to facilitate and simplify transfers of aircraft and engines between parties and jurisdictions.
AWG has prepared a document interpreting and providing guidance relating to the recently released amendments to the Indian aviation regulations (Aircraft Rules) implementing aspects of the CTC de-registration rules [where an IDERA has been issued]
AWG produces a summary of Cape Town Convention requirements regarding de-registration and export for use by governments and others.
AWG releases the second update of its document on the global implementation of the Cape Town Convention, which summarises the declarations made by, and the priority of the treaty vis-à-vis conflicting national law in, Contracting States